3-3/8” Mechanical MPH Speedometer Part#8076

  • Provides top speed reading up to 160MPH
  • Super lightweight
  • Vivid orange pointer against popular white dial face enhances instrument readability
  • Aluminum bezel accentuates any interior
  • Uses mechanical Bourdon Tube meter movement for increased performance and accuracy.
  • Bright Back-Lit™ display enhances night viewing
  • Full 270-degree sweep for increased visibility

8000 Series Benefits

As the performance aftermarket continues to pick up speed, so has the demand for instruments that can be cost effectively installed and look great and perform even better. The iEquus Performance™ line boast lightweight construction, durability, accuracy, wide coverage and ease of installation - all at an affordable price.

Twist on Ring Mount

All of our single and triple gauge kits include a rear ring mount attachment to make installation very simple.


Each gauge is designed and tested by skilled technicians to ensure superior accuracy. Our electric gauges / tachometers feature an OE specked Electric Aircore meter movement and our mechanical gauges feature a solid brass Bourdon Tube meter movement for increased performance and accuracy.


The entire line features a revolutionary Back-Lit™ illumination with a choice of four popular colors:

Innovative Connection Options

Our tachometers include two methods of connection

1. Inductive Pickup
Simply clamps to any spark plug wire to accurately monitor vehicle RPM. Eliminates the need to have expensive DIS adapters.

2. Hardwire
Connects directly to signal source, such as the negative side of an ignition coil.

There is no accessory related to this product.
What is the drive ratio set for the speedometer?

The speedometer is designed for a 1:1 drive ratio at 60 MPH.

Can I reset the tripmeter?

To reset the tripmeter simply rotate the Tripmeter reset knob counterclockwise until the Tripmeter shows "0000"

What size is the shaft being used? Are there accessories available for the speedometer?

The Shaft uses a 5/8" 18 cable thread shaft. Any adapters available for the speedometer can be viewed under our accessories tab.

Is this gauge compatable with older vehicles that a clip on gauge?

Yes, we do offer adaptor cable that will work for Ford, GM, Chrysler that has the clip on style gauge.