3-3/8" Black Tachometer

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The Equus 6000 Replacement Instrument series  3-3/8 in. pedestal mount tachometer offers excellent street performance value featuring contemporary racing tach design, compatibility with most 1-12 cylinder engines equipped with conventional and distributorless ignitions. Includes hardware for pedestal mounting as well as direct and inductive wiring options for ease of installation on varied engine and ignition types. Includes backlit illumination and needle for night time operation with red, green, and blue bulb covers included for a custom look. 
  • Monitors and Displays 0 to 8000 RPM in 100 RPM increments
  • Back-Lit™ illumination for night use
  • 270 degree analog needle sweep provides improved visibility and resolution.
  • Compatible with 1-12 cylinder engines equipped with conventional, electronic, distributorless (DIS), and coil on plug (COP) ignition systems
  • Includes two connection options, including hardwire and patented inductive pickup, for installation on most vehicles – foreign and domestic
  • Includes pedestal mounting base and hardware for installation.
  • Includes installation instructions in English, French, and Spanish.


Type: Tachometer
Analog or Digital: Analog
Gauge Size (in.): 3.375
Gauge Depth (in.): 3.00
Range: 0-8k RPM
Scale: RPM x 1000
Sweep: Full
Electrical or Mechanical: Electrical
Mounting Hardware: Yes
Lighting Type: White Incandescent
Manual: Download Manual



The 6000 series line includes a wide selection of 1½” and 2” gauges with 90º (electrical) and 270º (mechanical) sweeps, as well as matching tachometers for the do-it-yourselfer.

The series' increased performance and accuracy is achieved by its original equipment-type Electric Aircore meter movement or solid brass mechanical Bourdon Tube meter movement. All feature Back-Lit™ illumination and include easy-to-read mounting instructions in English, French and Spanish.


All of our single and triple gauge kits include a rear ring mount attachment to make installation very simple.

Shipped With:

Wire Harness Yes
Shipped with - Mounting Hardware Bracket Included


Can I use an inductive pick up clamp with this tachometer?

If purchased separately you will be able to use the inductive pick up clamp with this tachometer.

Can this tachometer be used with diesels?

This tachometer will only be compatible with gas engine vehicles.

What type of ignition system can I use this tach with?

The tachometer is compatible with most Distributor equipped 4 cycle ignition systems, distributorless and other 2 cycle ignition systems For Multiple spark and Direct (coil on plug) ignition systems please consult the manufacturer/ or vehicle service manual to determine if an adequate tachometer signal connector is available for aftermarket tachometers.

What number of cylinders can this tachometer be used with?

This tachometer has a cylinder push button that allows it to be set from 1-12 cylinders.